(TH) CSR 66 1

................On November 24, 2023, Infraset Public Company Limited (INSET), led by Managing Director Sakboworn Pukkanasut
, and a team of volunteers, visited Banna (Prasitvittayakarn) School in Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, under the
project "share clear water, add light with kindness INSET" to provide students with clean water and adequate lighting for their studies.

................In this activity, INSET donated over THB 130,000 to improve the school's electrical and drinking water systems. The company replaced the old fluorescent light fixtures with LED light fixtures to save energy, and installed 200 LED lights in the classrooms and surrounding areas. The company also installed 2 clean drinking water dispensers and donated water bottles to the students.

The Banna (Prasitvittayakarn) School welcomed the INSET team warmly with a traditional Thai dance performance and a snack reception.

................INSET believes that education and youth development are essential for the country's future. Therefore, the company organized this CSR activity to help remote schools create a conducive learning environment. INSET is also committed to sustainable business practices that consider the impact on society and the environment. The company is always ready to continue its commitment to giving back to society and creating a better future for the country.

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