(TH) (31-1-67) อบรม PDPA - 1

...........Infraset Public Company Limited places importance on protecting personal information of customers and related parties. Therefore, training on the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 has been organized for all employees on Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Location: Infraset Public Company Limited.
To reduce the risk of data leaks and build confidence in the protection of personal information. The training content covers important topics such as the origin and overview of the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 and setting up a team directly responsible for the Act to take care of Personal Data Protection Act 2019, for example, by organizing this training, employees received knowledge The interest from the company's employees is good.
...........Infraset Public Company Limited believes that this training will help strengthen knowledge and understanding of the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 for all employees. and helps the organization to comply with the law correctly effective and build confidence among customers and stakeholders

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