Warrants Issuer Infraset Public Company Limited (“Company” or "INSET")
Category of the Warrants Warrant to purchase ordinary shares of Infraset Public Company Limited No. 1
Warrant trading symbol INSET-W1.
Type of the Warrants In named certificate and transferable.
Term of the Warrants 2 years from the issuance date (October 25, 2021).
Number of the Warrants Issued Not exceed 307,999,983 units.
Number of Ordinary Shares Reserved for Exercise of the Warrants Not exceed 307,999,983 shares (at par value of THB 0.50 per shares), representing not exceeding 50.00 percent of total issued.
Offering Price THB 0.00 per unit.
Exercise Ratio 1:1 (One unit of the Warrant has rights to purchase 1 newly issued ordinary share)
Exercise Price THB 2 per unit
Trading date
First exercise date 31-March-2022
Last exercise date 24-October-2023


Terms and Conditions Stipulating the Rights and Duties of The Issuer and Holder of Warrant to Purchase Ordinary Shares of Infraset Public Company Limited No. 1 (INSET-W1)
for the Existing Shareholders 25 October 2021
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